photo by MKM Visualz

Tarot cards are traditionally used to explain the past or predict the future. My view is that the past is our learning experience, and the future is open. The present moment is especially important because we can consciously shape our lives from the present. I work with the ‘Osho Zen’ tarot card deck that mainly gives insight into the here and now.

A tarot card reading can help you gain understanding and insight into important (life) questions and/or situations that are currently going on in your life. The emphasis during a reading is on inner awareness. What is happening (consciously or unconsciously) around a theme? What needs your attention right now? What are you really longing for? And what feels like a right decision or step? During the reading, I will bring you in touch with your heart, intuition and inner strength in a natural way.

During a reading, there is ample room to ask questions about anything that is on your mind. For every card you intuitively draw about a certain issue, I will explain its meaning and share the messages I receive. At the end of the consultation, we look back on all the answers received and the common thread therein. With the obtained insights, you can give events a place, make decisions that are right for you and further shape your future.

You are most welcome for a tarot card reading in my practice in The Hague. It is also possible to schedule an online reading. The fee for a tarot card reading of one hour is 40 Euros.

I am also regularly present for tarot card readings at ‘Op Hodenpijl’ in Schipluiden and at ‘Eigen Wij’ in Zoetermeer.