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The Tarot is often seen as occult or scary and as a tool for predicting the future. This is everything but what Tarot is. The Tarot can best be compared to a mirror that brings the subconscious -our inner wisdom- to the surface of our consciousness.

I work with the ‘Osho Zen’ Tarot card deck that mainly gives insight into the here-and-now. We learn from the past and the future lies open for us. The present moment is the most important, from which we can consciously shape our lives.

A Tarot reading helps you to gain understanding and insight in (life) questions or situations. The possibilities of Tarot are infinite. You can turn to the Tarot with questions about: relationships, love, work, career, (business related) decisions, personal development or other themes that play a role in your life.

The emphasis during a reading lies on inner awareness. The cards do not tell you what or when something will happen, but they give insight in how to get there. The Tarot shows what can do you yourself to transform your life.

During a Tarot reading you can ask your questions. With every card you draw, I will explain the meaning of the card and share the messages I channel for you. You can record the session and listen to it again later.

The insights you gain invite you to accept situations, break through old patterns, take important decisions, and determine your further direction.

Do you want insight in a certain topic, do you have several questions or are you just curious? You are welcome for a Tarot reading in my practice in The Hague, Benoordenhout. I also give readings at various locations. For more information, please consult the calender above.

It is also possible to schedule a reading online or to give a reading as a gift. I also give Tarot readings for groups on location, for instance at a birthday, bachelor party or other (business) gathering.

Price for a reading of one hour: 40 euro.
On your request, the time can be further extended (10 euro per 15 minutes).

The tarot is a storybook of our life, the mirror of our soul, and the key to our inner wisdom.
It is a chance to find knowledge and answers in yourself.