photo by MKMVisualz

Meditation is a technique that allows us to calm down our minds and transcend to a deeper layer within ourselves. The purpose of meditating is different for everyone and its benefits are endless. Meditation can help you with:

  • calming down your stream of thoughts,
  • improve your concentration and focus,
  • dealing with negative emotions, stress, and physical pain,
  • breaking through old patterns,
  • acceptance of what is happening in your life,
  • living in the here and now,
  • making deeper contact with yourself and higher dimensions,
  • gaining new and deeper insights,
  • feeling compassion and love towards yourself and others.

I have followed meditation retreats from different traditions in various countries. Meditation is part of my daily routine.

Are you interested in learning to meditate or do you wish to deepen your meditation? I can guide you in a number of sessions. You will get acquainted with different meditation techniques, so you can experience which technique suits you best. You will also learn how to make contact and communicate with your higher consciousness. To support you, I develop guided meditations / visualizations that suit your needs and that you can do at home at any time.

You are very welcome in my practice in The Hague for meditation guidance. It is also possible to schedule a virtual guided meditation session. The rate for meditation is 59 Euros for a session of one hour.