Meet me

photo by MKM Visualz

My name is Eva Koornstra.

On my own life path, I have experienced beautiful moments and great challenges. I am truly grateful for all the ups and downs. It has ultimately taught me to live in acceptance and to follow my own path. The heart and intuition are my advisors, but I always keep both feet firmly on the ground. My personal and spiritual growth have given me love and strength and finally led me to supporting others in their journeys.

I believe in “effective spirituality”. It is important to turn spiritual experiences into action so that you can move from that energy. It does not require standing still or living without purpose. It is all about focus and hard work to find and realize your true destiny.

Privacy and discretion are very important in my work. Everything that is discussed during the sessions, is treated with total confidentiality.

My work as a counselor motivates me to keep developing myself, so I can assist people even better in their process and growth. I have completed the following studies and courses:

  • Basic Psychosocial Skills, Con Amore
  • Higher states of consciousness, Phoenix Fellowship
  • Trance mediumship, Arthur Findley college
  • Counselling, CIVAS
  • Healing & Awareness, Het Levenscollege
  • Art of Breathing, Art of Living organization
  • Vipassana meditation, Dhamma organization
  • Communication & relationships training, Tandoo trainings
  • Beyond doubt, Essence training
  • Essence & Source training, Essence training
  • Law studies, Leiden University
  • Social & Cultural Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Social Work, Hogeschool Rotterdam