“The tarot card reading was a very special experience and I get goose bumps when I think about it again. During our conversation I had beautiful moments of awareness.”

“I want to thank you for the tarot reading yesterday. I have a very good feeling about it, and everything is flowing again.”

“The counselling sessions with Eva were very nice and helpful. The approach and structure of the sessions were good and deepening. Eva is a good listener, and she directs me to the core of the question or problem during each session. I felt taken seriously.”

“The tarot reading was very nice. I seriously feel that I have had a ‘kick in the ass’. Back to love. Goodbye fear and uncertainty!”

“During the counselling sessions there is a lot of attention, interest, and respect. Nothing is crazy and everything is okay. Eva asks the right questions that help me to organize my thoughts.”

“The approach, different exercises and meditations during the counselling sessions were so intense and beautiful. Eva does her work with dedication.”

“The card reading has given me insight and confirmed that my life path so far, albeit with ups and downs, is going through a wonderful journey and that I am fully in control of my future.”