“The Tarot card reading was a very special experience and I get goose bumps when I think about it again. During our conversation I had beautiful moments of awareness.”


“The card reading has given me insight and confirmed that my life path so far, albeit with ups and downs, is going through a wonderful journey and that I am fully in control of my future.”


“In April, I went to see Eva with the question: ‘What is the next step in my life?’ Based on the cards I drew, Eva explained in understandable language what she was getting through. This were great tips that I immediately started to apply. It is now October and I can wholeheartedly say: I really feel six months further in my development.”


“I want to thank you for the Tarot reading yesterday. I have a very good feeling about it, and everything is flowing again.”


For my birthday I received a Tarot session in which we looked back on the past year of my life and ahead to the year to come. I received beautiful messages. One of the insights was about what I can leave behind me, which I was able to apply immediately. I also received insight into lessons that I can take with me and things that I can receive on my life journey.


Our company really enjoyed being introduced to the world of Tarot. The influencers were able to link your workshop with our presentation. After the event, several guests mentioned that they found it very interesting.

Burkely Bags

I had a session with Eva that included a Tarot reading. Because of the safe and pleasant environment she created, I dared to open up and let it happen. We descended to a deep level within me, where I was able to let the light shine. This really opened me and healed something deep down in me. She also shared messages that I needed to hear at that moment. This motivated me to take an important step. Eva gently identifies your fears and gives you confidence in how to deal with them.


“Looking for someone to work on traumatic experiences in my past, I came across Eva. Her educational background, work and personal story resonated with me. The counselling sessions were valuable, often in-depth and varied. Eva knows how to get to the core. I learned how to set boundaries for myself. I felt her support based on equality and her genuine personality. All of this brought me new insights and confidence in the future.”


“The counselling sessions with Eva were very nice and helpful. The approach and structure of the sessions were good and deepening. Eva is a good listener, and she directs me to the core of the question or problem during each session. I felt taken seriously.”


“During the counselling sessions there is a lot of attention, interest, and respect. Nothing is crazy and everything is okay. Eva asks the right questions to help me organize my thoughts.”


“The approach, different methods and meditations during the counselling sessions were intense and beautiful. I was well guided in my life questions. It was thouched and all allowed to be there. In the end, I became more myself. Eva does this wholeheartedly.”


“The ‘Women’s gathering’ was an introduction to my masculine energy that has changed my life immensely. I got in touch with my natural courage and self-confidence from my soul and body instead of my head. I can now occupy my space naturally, as I feel I am allowed to be here. Eva makes you feel at ease and guides you in a very nice way.”


“I came to Eva because I wanted insight into why I just couldn’t let go of a certain aspect in my life. The cards showed me why I find it so hard to let go of this pattern and through Eva’s ability to tune in, I gained a lot of clarity . I feel like I have taken another step in letting go. The Tarot reading brought me insight, clarity and healing.”