General Terms and Conditions Inner Light

Performance of Services

Inner Light shall perform its work to the best of its ability, exercising the due care expected of a counsellor. The counsellor is obliged to perform to the best of her ability vis-à-vis the client, but there is no performance obligation.
In order to provide qualitative assistance, it is necessary that the client ensures that all information, which the counsellor indicates to be necessary or which the client should reasonably understand to be necessary for the execution of the agreement, is provided to the counsellor in a timely manner. The client vouches for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided to the counsellor.
Inner Light shall not be liable for any damage of whatsoever nature caused by the fact that the counsellor has relied on incorrect, incomplete and/or unreliable information provided by the client.


Participation in Inner Light’s services is on a voluntary and personal basis. Inner Light is not responsible for the client’s behavior during and outside of the sessions. The client remains responsible for his/her own behavior, the choices made and the consequences thereof. The counsellor shall never be liable for any loss caused by or relating to participation in, or cancellation of, Inner Light’s services, including consequential loss, emotional loss or loss based on decisions made by the client, whether or not in consultation with the counsellor.
If by or in connection with the provision of services by Inner Light or otherwise damage is caused to persons or property, for which the counsellor is liable, such liability shall be limited to the amount paid out under the general liability insurance, including the excess. A client who makes use of the services cannot, if he/she feels that the desired result has not been achieved, claim a refund of any amount paid.
A client who participates in the services is responsible for, if applicable, the use of medication. Adjustments in the use of medication must be made in consultation with the doctor treating the client. This applies to over-the-counter medication as well as medication prescribed by a doctor. For people with psychiatric disorders, addictions or a tendency towards self-destructive behavior, counselling is not/less appropriate. In such cases, please contact your family doctor for referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist. The counsellor does not take any responsibility for people who still joins a counselling process under these circumstances.

Quality Standards

As a client of Inner Light you can count on the counsellor to do his or her best for you. Commitment on the part of the client is also expected. To guarantee the necessary bond of trust, the counsellor and the client will both take great care of each other.
Regular evaluation of the process and both sides expressing and discussing any questions, doubts or dissatisfaction are an essential part of the services provided.

Personal file

Personal data and relevant information resulting from counselling sessions are kept in a personal file. The file kept by the counsellor is confidential and for personal use. Inner Light shall ensure that the client’s personal file is properly secured and not accessible to third parties.


Inner Light will inform the client of the rate for the services upon making an appointment. In the event of interim rate changes, the agreed rate will remain the same. In principle, services provided by Inner Light must be paid for immediately afterwards, unless agreed otherwise. The invoice can be sent by e-mail.


An appointment can be changed or cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours in advance. Within 24 hours of the appointment, the costs will, in principle, be charged.
Inner Light is also entitled to reschedule an appointment up to 24 hours in advance. Illness and temporary or permanent incapacity to work shall release the counsellor from fulfilling an agreed deadline or any other obligation, without the client being able to exercise any right to compensation for costs, losses, and interests as a result.
Inner Light’s services are provided on a voluntary basis. Both the counsellor and the client are free to terminate the services at any time.

Complaint procedure

Complaints about Inner Light’s services should be reported to Inner Light in writing within one week, but no later than two weeks after completion of the services.
The complaint should be described in as much detail as possible. If a complaint is justified, Inner Light shall make every effort to accommodate the client’s wishes.

All agreements with Inner Light to which these General Terms and Conditions relate are governed by Dutch law.